Imaginary Worlds

Imaginary Worlds is based on the Tiny Trail which started in September 2011. This was put together by Artist Tracy Shave* - who also runs Moulding Futures, for children to enjoy the Chelmsford Art Trail by setting up a trail of miniature cork people worlds around the town. There were 15 scenes around the town - you can see these at www.tracyshave.co.uk.

Tracy has put together a programme to teach children how to build their own imaginary scenes, which help pupils learn about teamwork, listening and compromise. Starting with a giggle session to show the importance of listening before doing, over 4 - 5 weeks the art sessions are taken up by all things cork.

This is a really fun way to teach about these important skills and the cork scenes at the end make for a great exhibition so that the children can show off their work.

Suitable for Year 4 and above.

Scenes made by class JM of Springfield Primary School.

Tracy is also happy to come into a school and give her presentation on who inspired her as an artist with examples of artwork she has produced over the years, including sculptures made from recycled tshirts, illustration, abstract art, cork scenes, and she reads her humorous verse to the class. This is a great introduction to the imaginary worlds programme.

Inspiration Talks


We do ask for a donation to help towards the cost of materials and to futures programmes. Suggested amount is a minimum of £20 per week.